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Noodle Plates and Noodle Soups

N1. Pad Thai Noodle 10.95
  Thin rice noodle stir fried with egg, bean sprout, green onion chicken in our exclusive tamarind sauce and topped with ground peanut. (Substitute shrimp for $2.50 more)  
N2. Jun Pad Poo 12.50
  Thin rice noodles stir fried with egg, crab meat, garlic, bean sprout, green onion.  
N3. Thai Rad Nah 10.95
  Wide rice noodle topped with Chinese broccoli and a choice of chicken, beef or pork in our special gravy. (Substitute shrimp for $2.50 more)  
N4. Gow See-Mee 10.95
  Crispy egg noodle topped with chicken, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and green onion in gravy.  
N5. Pad See Ew 10.95
  Wide rice noodle pan fried with chinese broccoli, egg, black soy sauce and a choice of chicken, beef or pork. this dish is popular among locals in Thailand.                                                                                                  (Substitute shrimp for $2.50 more)  
N6. Kee Mao Noodle 10.95
  Wide rice noodle stir fried with mushroom, bamboo shoot, bellpepper, chili, fresh Thai basil and a choice of chicken, beef or pork.              (Substitute shrimp for $2.50 more)  
N7. Thai Suki-Yaki 12.50
  Silver noodle stir fried with napa cabbage, green onion, and egg with shrimp in homemade sauce.  
N8. Chieng Mai Curry Noodle Soup 12.95
  Egg noodle with chicken leg and sliced chicken in curry soup, topped with crispy egg noodle.  
N9. Pad Woon Sen 10.95
  Silver noodle stir fred with chicken. nappa cabbage, onion and tomatoes.  

N10 - N15 !Your chice of wide rice noodle, thin rice noodle,
silver noodle or egg noodle!

N10. Beef Noodle Soup 10.95
  Noodle with sliced beef and beef ball in dark soup.  
N11. Tom Yum Noodle Soup 10.95
  Hot and spicy noodle soup with ground pork, fish ball, crispy wonton skin and crushed peanut.  
N12. Potak Noodle Soup 13.50
  Noodle soup with shrimp, fish ball calamari, mussel, fish fillet, bean srout in Tom Yum Broth chioice of noodle.  
N13. Tom Ka Noodle Soup 13.50
  Noodle soup with shrimp, fish ball, fish fillet, calamari, mussel in TOM Ka coconut broth.  


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