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Chef's Favorites

Y1. Whole Rainbow Trout Fish with Chili Sauce 15.95
  Deep fried whole trout fish topped with tamarind chill sauce.  
Y2. Whole Tilapia with Garlic 14.95
  Deep Whole Tilapia topped with garlic sauce.  
Y3. BBQ Pork with Sticky Rice 11.95
  Grilled marinated pork on skewers served with sticky rice (4 sticks).  
Y4. Mussel in Spicy Sauce 13.95
  Mussel and Bell peppers with spicy sauce and thai basil.  
Y5. Naked Shrimp 12.95
  Raw shrimp soaked in fish sauce topped with spicy lime sauce.  
Y6. Choo Chee 14.95
  Salmon Fillet in red curry coconut sauce  
Y7. Lime Fish 17.95
  Seabass steamed with spicy lime sauce, garlic and chili.  
Y8. Fish in Three Flavor Sauce 14.95
  Fish fillet stir fried with three flavor sauce, onion and tomatoes.  
Y9. Thai Sizzling Beef 11.95
  Tendered beef with bell pepper and mushroom in garlic sauce.  
Y10. Cat Fish in Red Curry Sauce 13.95
  Catfish stir fried with red curry paste, mushroom and Thai bail.  
Y11. Chicken wing with Thai Basil 11.95
  Chicken wings stir fried with chili, garlic and Thai basil.  
Y12. Crispy Salmon in Chili Sauce 14.95
  Stir fried Crispy Salmon with bell pepper in chilli sauce and Thai Basil.  
Y13. Seabass in Red Sea 13.95
  Seabass in red curry with bell pepper, pineapple and avocado  
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